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a4Dr. Mikao Usui brought awareness about the healing technique. Even though there is no scientific evidence available to prove that such a universal life energy actually exists, but those who practice Reiki or take reiki healing therapies have never been disappointed. Now let’s take a look at top 5 benefits of Reiki:

1. Reiki will bring constancy in not only your life but also in the life of those who live around you. I have often noticed that reiki healers are surrounded by such wonderful vibrations that their mere presence can decide in difficult situations. Reiki masters have to undergo a lot of conversion in order to enhance the healing abilities. Dr. Mikao has defined five principles which a reiki healer must pursue in order to maintain a high level of healing ability. The five reiki principles are given below, it will induce you to Learn Reiki

• Just For Today I will not be angry
• Just For Today I will count my blessings
• Just For Today I will be kind to all living beings
• Just For today I will not worry
• Just For Today I will be honest

Those who consistently perform these principles achieve peace of mind and are able to tune with the positive energies of the world.

2. You can imagine miracles from these healing techniques. We all have heard about how reiki helps in healing physical ailments, but besides that how many of us know that reiki can be helpful in resolving problems of all kinds. Goal manifestation is possible with the help of reiki. I have myself used a combination of reiki and Feng Shui, reiki & laws of attraction and reiki & angel communication to achieve what I desire. Reiki can solve problems of all kind, whether you consider it or not.

3. Reiki works for the highest good of all which means it does not harm anyone. If you are in a difficult situation like you are not getting along with your boss. If you pertain reiki to this position after that it will work for the highest good for both of you. Which means that either all the issues will be resolute or good occupation opportunities will gladly detach both of you from each other.

4. It enhances the spontaneous abilities. Several times when you are blocked in a difficult situation and you are not able to choose what to do reiki will direct you. At times you can really feel what’s going to happen. Reiki will not allow you to take a wrong step.

5. It is good for healing pets. Animals too react well to reiki therapy. Reiki is a very soothing and positive energy that helps in reducing physical pain and discomfort, especially in animals because animals have a pure soul. Reiki Classes in Chennai are conducted in various places where you can join and make your life stable and live happily.

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