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Eiffel Tower
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Eiffel Tower Tickets

Nobody wants to wait in the long queue to buy Eiffel Tower Tickets, especially when you are from a foreign country and have got many places to visit. It’s totally fine to be in the queue and enjoy the beauty of the Eiffel Tower from beneath when you wait to buy Eiffel Tower tickets, if you have time, but most of us don’t have the time.

Why you should buy Eiffel Tower tickets online: 

– One obvious reason is – you don’t have to wait in the queue to buy Eiffel Tower tickets. You can skip the queue and go directly to the stairs or the elevator.

–  You can probably buy Eiffel Tower tickets at a cheaper price online or through reseller than what you would pay at the gate or Eiffel Tower entrance

Buy Eiffel Tower Tickets

Buy Eiffel Tower Tickets

–  When you look to buy Eiffel Tower tickets online, you will also find deals on tickets to other attractions in and around the Eiffel Tower

–  If you are a school group or tour operators planning to buy Eiffel Tower tickets, Eiffel Tower authorities can offer discounted price

Why you shouldn’t buy the Eiffel Tower tickets online:

–  If you want to enjoy the beauty of the tower from the bottom and take some nice pictures, or may be make some new acquaintances and speak few words in French then this is the perfect option for you.

Before you consider buying Eiffel Tower tickets, below are the available options.

Eiffel Tower Tickets for Stairs entrance:

If you buy this ticket, you will be able to visit only up to the second floor, but this is the cheapest option available. In fact, some people like to climb the tower by foot rather than through the elevator. There is no option to buy Eiffel Tower ticket online for this option, so you will not find this option in the Eiffel Tower’s official website.

Lift entrance Eiffel Tower Ticket [only access up to second floor]:

This is slightly expensive than the stair entrance Eiffel Tower tickets, but you will have access to lifts/elevator. It costs about 8.2 Euros for an adult.

Lift entrance Eiffel Tower Tickets with access to summit:

This is bit expensive and costs around 13 Euros for an adult, but it’s totally worth.

The detailed pricing of the tickets and buying option is available in the official Eiffel Tower website. You can also buy it from Resellers who sell Eiffel Tower tickets.

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