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Posted by on Jun.10, 2020, under Education Comments Off on SHORT TERM COURSES TO LEARN IN CHENNAI

Short term certificate courses last for six to one year of duration. There are many courses available for candidates to seek growth for their future. Candidates gain their skill and more knowledge on a platform through learning the below courses.


DevOps stands for Development Operation which is the most demanding technology with the highest annual pay. Most popular tools in DevOps like Puppet, Chef, and Docker involve the continuous method. DevOps operators can get the job in the top MNC’s companies. DevOps training in Chennai is available and candidates can get their certificate through the training. One can get a more specific job like DevOps architect, DevOps engineer etc.


The most used tool for automating web application and web browser testing is selenium which is an open-source tool. Candidates who are interested in the Selenium certification can acquire Selenium Training in Chennai to test design, user extensions, advanced web drivers and so on. When it comes to testing for automation, everything in this testing suite offers organizations the best.


The most preferred framework for building creative components of the website is AngularJS. Dynamic apps can be designed by using AngularJS. It eliminates the most part of the code and as it is the JavaScript type, it was designed as a full-featured JavaScript framework which enhances simplicity and efficiency. AngularJs Training in Chennai is in high demand as of now.


Dot Net or .Net is a framework of software by Microsoft which runs primarily on Ms windows and enables developers to create desktop and web applications. Higher capability, quality, and security can be provided by .Net. Web applications of next generation and services based on XML web can be provided by .Net which is used for future generations and the Dot Net Training in Chennai available in all local areas. 


RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation which is the application of technology that allows employees in a company to configure a “robot” to capture and interpret the applications. Data manipulation, data triggering, data transaction can be done by RPA and the technology is quickly growing and this RPA Training in Chennai has high demand.


The most computer programming course which is quite popular these days is Python. Python Training in Chennai is available and teaches you how to use it to do your basic coding. Python is easy for beginners as it has ease of syntax. You should be able to develop fundamental skills required for software engineering through Python programming.


The most popular server-side web programming language is PHP which is for building websites and web applications. PHP training in Chennai makes you learn quickly and as a scripting language that gets interpreted by a web server such as Apache. Templates for writing plain HTML allows you to use custom HTML tags. It is very simple for web developers that are just starting to get a feel for web development.

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