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What’s the best way to know the syllabus for GRE?

Posted by on Feb.19, 2018, under Education

Before we get to the Syllabus for GRE, it is important to be clear about the 3 important sections. These are broad:

1. Verbal Reasoning Section

2. Quant Reasoning section

3. Analytical Writing Ability (AWA)

Let’s get a detailed understanding of each section

Verbal Section:

The Verbal section tests your ability to complete sentences using appropriate GRE words, compare and choose sentences that are similar in meanings, and reading comprehension skills.
Now let us look at GRE Exam syllabus for Verbal section

1. Text completion – generally a short passage where you will be asked to complete the single, double or triple blanks with an appropriate GRE word.

2. Sentence equivalence – Generally requires you to pick two words from the given choices which would make the sentence mean the same in either case.

3. Reading Comprehension – just like in your school days, these questions will have you read a passage, understand its underlying meaning, understand the author’s perspective and draw an appropriate conclusion. [50% of syllabus for GRE Verbal]

The mastery of syllabus for GRE verbal would start with excellent command over vocabulary. Therefore, focussing on mastering the GRE vocabulary is absolutely essential.

Quant Section:

The quantitative section, on the other hand, tests your tenth-grade Mathematics.  Now let us look at GRE Quant syllabus

1. Arithmetic –  Divisibility, factorization, prime numbers
2. Geometry – Lines, Circles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, 3-dimensional figures
3. Algebra – Factoring and simplifying algebraic expressions, linear, quadratic equations, simultaneous equations, Word problems with graphs and functions and intercepts, slopes of lines.
Data analytics – mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation, interquartile range, quartiles and percentiles, interpretation of data from graphs and tables

The mastery of syllabus for GRE Quant would start with mastering the basic 10th 11th & 12th mathematic syllabus & start practicing vigorously in each topic

 Analytical Writing Ability – AWA is the section where you showcase your writing and argumentative skills. In terms of Syllabus for GRE, students don’t give it as high importance as verbal or quant and only after GRE realize the mistake.  If you ask me, grasp over specific subject information is not important, but the competency in writing logically sound ideas in an organized fashion would be the game changer.

1. Issue task – a question where you are provided an issue and you will have to take a stand.

2. Argument task – you will be asked to take critical stand and provide your argument for it in a logical manner

Both these are independent questions that are for 30 minutes each. With respect to the Syllabus for GRE AWA, the best way to get you ready for these tasks to consistently follow periodicals, journals, newspapers like The Hindu and their editorial sections in specific. Hope that clarifies your query with respect to Syllabus for GRE.

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