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Things we expect when selecting PG:

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Basically, humans are moving their life by expectation. If they get the things in an expected manner they should be happy. There are so many quotes according to the expectation that in positive as well as negative. Expectation differs from people to people according to their region, culture, character, social, etc. For example, if you take cinema some will expect horror, some in fantasy, some in love and some in commercial.

Like that when coming to PG we expect quality food, water, convenient, hygiene and comfortable price. These all are basic things apart from that we will expect some things. So, when you come to selecting PG you should take research that which one is fulfilling our expectations. You should get better facilities in metropolitan areas like if you take Chennai PG in Sholinganallur, T.Nagar, Egmore, etc. can fulfill your expectations.
Now let’s see the things which we expect when selecting PG.
1. Free Internet services: This is the much-needed one in today’s world. If you have the internet you can do Shopping, booking tickets, get information, active in Social media, etc. It should make people life much easier. So, this should rank in first on their expectations.
2. Playing space: Some people having a passion for playing in morning and evening. It makes you stay fit and active. These types of people definitely expect playground in their residence. But expecting an outdoor playground is an overly expensive one but making indoor facilities is a possible one.
3. GYM: Like playground another thing which people doing regularly is Gym. Regular is a key for a healthy body. Some should do it as professionally, some for gain weight and some for loose weight. So, whatever it is gym is one of their expectations.
4. Appliances: Appliances like washing machines, fridge and cooking material, kettle, etc. are need one for people. If you take Chennai it is a hot place so our body automatically pushes us to drink cold water. Providing fridge in PG should be a valuable one and PG in OMR, Karapakkam, Sholinganallur, etc. are providing these facilities.

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