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GRE Prep Courses Suggestions

Posted by on Oct.07, 2016, under Education Comments Off on GRE Prep Courses Suggestions

Hello Buddies, Glad to write this Blog. My Passion is to get admitted into My Dream University. Are you going to take GRE? Right from GRE Study Plan till Admission time, you must be Prudent in taking the each Step. Eat Healthy Food to be fit and to get rid of sleepy mood while studying. Divide the Day and allocate sufficient timing to prepare for Verbal and Quant. Especially spend time in Learning 20 GRE Word List and its meaning daily. Once When I was Chatting with my Friends in my College regarding GRE, they raised certain Crucial Questions. I cleared some of their Doubts and for some Vital Questions I referred and clarified their Doubts.

Here, I would like to jot down some of the Vital questions and Suggestions.

What is SOP ?

An SOP or Statement of Purpose is an essay that you must write as part of your admission application into universities abroad. It must clearly state the motivations behind why you want to pursue a particular course at a particular university. Since it is the closest thing to a personal interview, you must ensure that you make multiple edits and get it reviewed by experts before you send it across. Your aim is to answer four major questions such as why this course, why this university, how will this course help you achieve your long-term goals and why are you the best candidate for this course.

Also, to avoid last-minute delays, ensure you start your SOP process in parallel with your GRE Preparation so that you wrap up your admissions process earlier.

MIS… Fall 17.. my GRE is 306 @quant 306… Suggest some safe university?

It would be inaccurate to suggest universities just on the basis of GRE score alone. In order to exactly pinpoint safe, moderate and ambitious universities, we need to analyze your entire profile including your work experience, research papers, projects, internships etc. However, there is a rough idea of the average GRE scores that gets accepted. For a 306 in GRE, you can consider University of Texas, Arlington or Syracuse University (Both Moderate)


 Are the intakes of spring season less than 50% of fall?

While there is no definite percentage by which spring admissions differ from fall, but yes, the intake is lesser. This is mainly because the class sizes for the Spring semester are smaller than those of Fall. Also, some universities don’t even have a spring intake, so you must bear that in mind when you prepare for GRE.

Applying in Spring also means you have lesser chances of getting financial aid because the amount of funds allocated is also lesser, However, if you feel you don’t want to waste a year, then ensure you take up internships or collect some work experience to complement your profile for admissions.

GRE Online Prep

MEM is also good right?

Master’s in Engineering Management is one of the best management courses for engineers. If you are looking to pursue your master’s in management, it is imperative to have high GRE scores too. Since MEM too is a master’s course this is a specialized field of study. Also, MEM offers the perfect platform for you to learn the techniques of business along with the practical aspects of engineering. Moreover, you will definitely have abundant opportunities in the field of construction management, Engineering project management and also industrial management. Further, MEM offers the right means for you to manage and develop technology and production system along with improvements in the supply chain. Moreover, certain top universities like Duke University, Cornell University and Darthmouth University. Therefore, to pursue your Master’s in MEM you will definitely need to follow the same process like any other university like a good GRE score along with high TOEFL/IELTS score.

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