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GRE Vocabulary Skills

Posted by on Aug.20, 2016, under Abroad Education Comments Off on GRE Vocabulary Skills

GRE Exam evaluates an Aspirant’s Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning skills. This Article gives you Some Guidance to help you to improve your Verbal skills and achieve the Desired GRE Score. A Strong Vocabulary is essential for cracking the Verbal part of GRE. For knowing more about the App designed by GREedge, visit: WordBot.

Vocabulary is not only the Main aspect behind Scoring Good marks in GRE. Apart from Vocabulary skills, You must have a Good GK Skills, Analytical ability and thorough Knowledge about your Subject.

Find the Frequently Asked Questions about GRE and make use of it.

So can we get RA just by applying to college ? means when we send SOP?

Usually, in most universities, your entire profile is evaluated and checked whether you are eligible to receive an RA or TA. They assume that applicants are looking for scholarships. So, an interview call for RA or TA will come along with your admission offer. An interview is conducted online and you will receive confirmation within a fortnight.
You can make yourself eligible for an RA if you have relevant research experience in any of the fields the university is currently undergoing research. It would help to look at what research is being conducted in your dream university and accumulate corresponding work/research experience. The chances of acceptance are also higher if you are also looking to pursue a PhD ahead. This adds value to the university as your research can become the subject of your doctoral thesis.

You can also schedule an appointment to discuss with a professor pursuing some research by emailing them so that you understand their current requirements and future plans. But ensure that you do this well in advance, because they may receive a lot of requests in the peak of the admission season.

What are the best book to improve my vocabulary?

GRE Verbal section has 20 questions which needs to be attempted within a frame of 30 minutes. The section further has 6 text completion, 4 sentence equivalence, and 10 critical reading questions. Hence, a candidate has to constantly refine and hone his vocabulary. Further, the candidate must also be familiar with the GRE words and must be conversant over the usage of the specified words. Though no one book can be exclusively recommended to master GRE Vocabulary, one can keep a tab on the editorial content in National and International newspapers. Also, Word-power made easy by Norman Lewis can be used as a ready reckoner. Further, GREedge’s wordbot is also an essential tool to enhance and hone your vocabulary. Wordbot is specially designed to meet GRE aspirants vocabulary needs. The tool comes with relevant visuals, synonyms and antonyms for better retention. Hence, to sharpen your vocabulary make it a point to read every day and this will definitely hone your vocabulary over a period of time.

Can you please enlighten me regarding PHD admission(after masters) and role of GRE in it?

Hi, GRE in general is a standardised admission requirement test. Schools in The U.S and other countries like Canada, Singapore, Japan and Europe accept GRE scores. GRE scores are accepted for admission into MS and PhD programs. Though most PhD programs require a valid GRE score, some schools have waived the requirement. Hence, it can be broadly stated that most schools do require GRE schools for PhD admissions. The likelihood of GRE requirements vary with universities and even with specific programs. So, know the requirements of the university for the program before zeroing in on the role of GRE

I want to give exam during the period of august end. What course should i join from GREedge? e60 ?

Given that you have just another fifteen days for your GRE it is wise that you intensify your preparation. Further, you need to constantly keep a tab on your progress by periodically taking Full-Length tests and GRE-style tests. Moreover, with a solid course of study and revision in the last 15 days you might hit the magic number 170 in quants. Eclass 60 is definitely a great program with live video classes along with lessons for basic and advance concepts. However, OnlyGre15 may better suit your needs now. OnlyGRE15 is specifically made for students who are gearing up to face the GRE in two weeks. OnlyGRE15 is ideal for students who seek to hone their skills within a short interval. Further, OnlyGRE15 also has a deadline based learning and also offers a 8 point score boost for test takers who have previously written GRE. Hence,OnlyGRE15 will indeed be the right choice to suit your requirements

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