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Some People Excel At GRE And Some Don’t – Which One Are You?

Posted by on May.25, 2016, under Abroad Education, GRE Comments Off on Some People Excel At GRE And Some Don’t – Which One Are You?

Hi Friends, When you Review your previous GRE Test and Follow up your Mistakes as “Careless Errors”.
Just Narrow down the Reason for Careless Errors in GRE Test Which may help to analyze your performance.If you concentrate on these habits,your Careless errors will definitely decrease.
If your target is 150+ in each division then You must have a Disciplined approach no matter how talented you are.
All the Best for your GRE Test Preparation Buddies.
Find the Useful Information about Pre-GRE and Post-GRE and make use of it.
What kind of a profile would be needed for Ivy leagues?

To get into top 50 universities in US, you need to have a high GRE score which is of prime importance. The eight universities Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Yale university are academically and selection wise more choosy than all the other institutions in US. So to get into these universities, a good GRE score might be very useful but also you need to excel in other areas. A good academic profile, well-written research papers, paper publications and internships in good organizations might be crucial for the universities while analyzing your profile.

Am I too late for Spring`17?

Nope. You’re not late for Spring ’17. Many universities still have their deadlines coming up in August and September and you can still apply to those universities if you have a GRE score before that. So what should you do? You can prepare for your GRE in another 1 month, book your GRE slot in June or July and then take your GRE before August. In the meantime, you can shape a good profile by simultaneously working on your academics and doing good projects or internships in prestigious organizations.

For AWA preparation, are there any templates that I can follow?

On one side while answering an issue or argument, essay is the key while answering. Be confident about what you feel and show them how strong you are about it. The test evaluators do not actually evaluate on the basis of the side that you choose, but how you manage to explain and analyze the situation. Make sure that you give relevant examples while typing a long passage. Do not succumb to pressure while typing very long sentences. Be patient and watchful of the flow of the entire passage. You get ample time to think and go about your point. Though there is no specific flow for the AWA passage, certain small techniques can help you break the AWA barricade and score above 4 in AWA. Proof-reading your essay is as important as writing the actual essay. Do not forget to go through the entire essay at the end as this might save you from very important spelling and grammatical errors.
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