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GRE Online Preparation and FAQs

Posted by on Sep.14, 2016, under GRE Comments Off on GRE Online Preparation and FAQs

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If GPA is poor then good GRE score will compensate it?

Universities abroad look a lot a deeper into your profile than just your GPA. A good GRE score, a convincing SOP and a strong LOR is the winning combination you need to focus on, in order to get into your dream university. To make it interesting, you could even include a story of how you landed a low GPA in your SOP, and picked yourself up from there. Because, who doesn’t love a good story? 🙂

Is an experienced professor a plus point?

Yes, definitely!

Having an experienced professor is definitely a plus-point as you can have access to so much amount of knowledge that he will be having. While applying for the universities abroad there is this criteria of checking how much you know and learning from an experienced professor will give you an edge at that point of time.

You can also indulge in some project activities with your professor and simultaneously build your profile to showcase your strengths while applying for universities. If the project and the past experience you had is in-line with what you want to pursue in that university, then it definitely increases your chances of getting admit.

You can also ask for LOR from that professor, it will exponentially increase your chances of getting admitted in good universities.

My engineering completes in May 2018. I want to start my MS in Fall 2018. What will the appropriate time to give GRE?

Applying to a Fall Semester should be thought of atleast a year ahead of the start of the semester. Only then will you be able to complete your application process, give your GRE and other tests, and gather your SOPs and LORs in place before the deadline. So if you are targeting the Fall 2018 semester, ideally you should take your GRE by July 2017 at the max. Post that, you will focus on your documents, the deadlines of which close by mid-December. So plan your admission process and GRE preparation accordingly. Hope this clarifies your query!

I have got a score of 297 in GRE. Can I get a good university?

I am sorry to say this, but score of 297 is not considered as a good score to get into a good university.

The cutoff for good universities varies somewhere around 310 to 320, and if you are getting above 320 then you will be having high chances of getting admit from top-universities.

Getting 310 is also quite easy if you are having a score of 297 now. You just need to start your preparation once again and give one more attempt to GRE. Make sure that you have done enough practice of GRE pattern tests before giving GRE so that you get accustomed to all the variations of questions that you can experience in that particular time-frame and finally score high in your GRE exam.

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