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Map Reduce Programming in Hadoop Technology

Posted by on Sep.05, 2017, under Education

Basically, Big Data is a term that covers complex data sets. To handle these large data sets, one requires various data processing applications compared with traditional types. Different applications will allow the processing of big data, always the best framework is been Apache Hadoop. Due to the advantages of Map Reduce Programming Hadoop Training in Chennai are in high demand.

 What is Apache Hadoop?

Hadoop is a framework written in Java and consists of two sections, one is storage part and the other is data processing part. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is the storage part and the Map reduce is the processing part. Let us discuss the benefits available in the Hadoop Map reduce Programming.

 Advantages of Map Reduce Programming


Hadoop platform is highly scalable. Across different servers, this platform is large since it has high ability to store and also distribute large data sets. The servers are very expensive and can perform in parallel.

Like traditional relational database management systems RDBMS cannot scale to process large data sets. Hadoop Map reduce Programming make the organization to run the application from various nodes that can involve in hundreds of terabytes of data.

Cost-effective solution

Hadoop’s high scalability implies that it also has cost effective solution for businesses that stores data as per the current requirements.

In case of traditional RDBMS, it is cost prohibitive to scale with processed Hadoop data. Hadoop architecture with Map Reduce programming allows the processing and storage part in an affordable manner. For every terabyte of data, costs are reduced from thousands and figures to hundred figures.


Companies can make use of Hadoop Map reduce programming to access various sources of data that operate on different data whether unstructured data or structured data. This makes you create value from all kinds of data which was accessed by them.

Hadoop support various languages that are used for storage and data processing. Whatever may be the data source email, social media or clickstream, Map Reduce can perform to all of them. This Map Reduce programming allows various applications like processing of logs, recommendation systems, marketing analysis, fraud detection and warehousing of data.

The above were the list of benefits of Map Reduce Programming in Hadoop. To know more about the Big Data and Hadoop Technology, take up Big Data Training in Chennai. Choose the best training institute for your courses, Hadoop Big Data Training in Velachery at FITA is the best place to take up any IT courses.

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