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Maintaining WPC Boards

Posted by on Nov.17, 2018, under WPC boards

WPC decking boards, aside from being environmentally friendly, promise you relatively minimal cleaning requirements, compared to all-timber materials. Composite WPC Boards really do not need heavy maintenance procedures; however, they need to be regularly cleaned with usual housekeeping methods for them to last long. Take extra care of them to keep them looking good and to make them more durable. Here are some measures you should take to maximize the use of your composite boards.

In most types of surroundings and situations, regular sweeping or mopping of the boards would be enough. If you wish, though, you can scrub it gently with the use a homemade solution of warm water and soap. Mold and mildew are among the worst enemies of your WPC decking boards. Your boards should be installed in such a way that they have enough space for ventilation. You should also not allow damp leaves and other moist substances build up on your deck.

Be meticulous about the part of your deck that is in a shaded area. Make sure it is not left damp at any time. At the first sight of mold and mildew, treat your boards with a mold removing solution that does not require any scrubbing. You may also use any similar cleaning product that has a non-bleaching formula. During the first couple of months or so, your boards would seem to be exhibiting water stains. If you do not want to wait until it settles down, you can scrub the deck with a non-bleaching cleaner. Being a recycled product, WPC decking boards normally change its color by more or less 10%.

If you plan to have barbecue parties on your deck, protect your composite boards by placing a flame-resistant mat on the area where you will be grilling. The feet of the grill, the hot coals and, of course, the grease from the meat and oil can cause scratches, burns and oil stains on your composite WPC Panels. If oil stains do happen, clean them up as soon as possible, since the longer the stain sits, the deeper it sets in the composite material. Wipe them off with an absorbent cloth right away and apply a degreaser, following the product instructions. You should follow this up by cleaning with a soap and warm water solution. You can easily remove scratches with light sanding, but you should remember to follow the grain of the wood. To keep your boards from having scratches, avoid dragging your patio furniture or any item, particularly heavy ones, on your deck. You should also refrain from using pointed objects when cleaning.

If, however, you find that your boards have some stains and scratches that may be hard to remove, do not apply harsh chemicals or scrub heavily. Call the WPC Board manufacturer of your WPC decking boards and ask their recommendation for product-specific stain and scratch removal.





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