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List of Posts under Civil Services

Posted by on Oct.25, 2018, under Education

Throughout the country, civil services post is one of the sought career options among the youngsters. Despite, the career of Software and medical it is still one of the best career options that the aspirants want to crack. The aspirants who are engaged in preparing for UPSC examination has the number of diverse coveted jobs to get. IAS Coaching Centres in Chennai helps to increase the success rate of the UPSC aspirants. Civil Services is the backbone of the Indian government which heads all the major departments run at a state level as well as at the National level.

List of Posts under Civil Services Exam


Indian Administrative Service is one of the primary services of Government of India. The Aspirant who cracks the national Level examination called the Civil Services Examination is eligible to appoint to these posts. It is a fact that the success rate of UPSC examination is just 0.1%. This is the reason why the level of competition is high for civil services examination.


IAS Officers are accountable for managing law and order in the state or in the district. They are also performing different actions like

  • Observing the execution of policies of state government and central government.
  • Collection of revenue related to court matters
  • They are answerable if there are any legal issues present in the state or the district.

Career Growth

The promotion to an IAS officer takes place after evaluating the performance of the candidate. The promotion is legally done by the Committee of senior members in UPSC. Certain years required to eligible for promotion. You can clarify your doubts regarding UPSC preparation with the best IAS Academy in Hyderabad.


One of the important responsibilities of Indian Police Service is to maintain law and order in the country and prevent the public from crime. They control the state police and other armed forces in the country. UPSC Coaching in Chennai helps you to achieve your dream.


  • Interact and coordinate the members of Armed forces to protect the country.
  • Leading and imposing the Countries intelligent agencies like CBI, CID and so on.

Career Growth

The promotion period is quite short compared to IAS Officers. Appraisal and promotion will take place after evaluating the annual performance of the candidate.


Indian Foreign Service of the government is organized under four departments such as Foreign, home, Military and Finance. They play a major role in maintaining the diplomatic relationships of the government.





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