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Create a new look with Exterior Wall Cladding

Posted by on Jul.28, 2018, under Exterior Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is widely using all over India, in all construction of the building.  Because it will give a special appearance to the wall of the construction. The exterior wall surface of a building from the skin of the building. This kind of surfaces is or building components are commonly referred to as a cladding.

Cladding makes your wall most effective than a plain wall. The main purpose of Exterior Wall Cladding is covering and providing the building with a weather-resistant exterior envelop coating. The exterior building envelope should be designed and constructed to prevent the water accumulation in the wall within the wall assemblies and cavities.

Exterior wall cladding having the following thing

  1. These wood products including hardboards and panels, singles and shakes, plywood, plank sliding, clap board sliding.
  2. The masonry products are using in High pressure laminate exterior cladding such as brick stone, poured concrete , concrete panels, and concrete blocks.
  3. Vinyl sliding is also used in wall cladding.
  4. Fiber cements sliding.
  5. Metal products such as steel or aluminum siding.
  6. Asphalted shingles.
  7. Slate or clay tiles also available for wall cladding.

Basically, every type of exterior cladding has various styles depends upon the brand of cladding materials in the, a market we have a lot of designs available for wall cladding along with that most of the builders also prefers Green building materials to build a construction in the home. Because these are environment-friendly materials giving a good oxygen in the home apart from other construction in the home.

Some factors are considered in exterior wall cladding associated with installation, durability, cost variations.

  1. It should have the ability to resist the water, snow and mainly from the wind.
  2. Resistance from mechanical damages always.
  3. It should capable of carrying loads.
  4. Insulation value in the main aspect of the wall cladding.
  5. Maintenance requirements.
  6. Common failure modes.

The best wall cladding is having high water resistant to wind., water, vermin, and mechanical damage, some of the ideal external wall claddings are inexpensive and also so easy to install and it reduces the cost of the labor for installation. It provides excellent protection to cosmetic appeal, long economical life, also having long last insulation qualities

It is very common that we have various types of exterior wall claddings are available and, more popular in geographical properties. The type of exterior wall related to the maybe availability of materials and labor. The building envelope will give great impact having an external wall cladding.

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