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Posted by on Aug.24, 2016, under Interior design Comments Off on RUSTIC MODERN HOME INTERIOR

When home interiors are designed or modernized, they must have the exact artistic demand and environment fit for an attractive and charming home. There are a variety of styles from traditional to fashionable. Currently one design stands out as a popular choice among designers and also homeowners. When contemporary meets the old, we have what many interior designer term the rustic modern. Architects from different Architecture Colleges in Chennai can design and construct rustic modern interior.

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As much as we love the traditional home, it is too familiar and quite common. It is also quite difficult to put in new appliances, accessories and furnishings into a strictly conventional design. Others who love contemporary styles can completely revamp an old home. For some people, however, this type of design lacks the welcoming charm of a home with its minimal concept. With rustic, modern, the latest interior can still reflect old designs with conventional pieces. The overall combination is an effective coming together of different pieces that results in pleasant aesthetics and an environment. Let’s take a closer look at some of the basic elements of a rustic modern style.

When renovating an old country home, retaining the beautiful structure and elements would still reflect a significant element and style to the home’s interior. It will also be easier for an architect and designer not to restructure everything but simply make use of the already beautiful elements and adding a fresh feel. The natural state of certain pieces like walls, floors, and even lovely old tables and doors creates an authentic appearance.


Exposed wooden beams add a great and stunning effect to your interior space. Contrasting this with a plain white wall and it would be a basic rustic and modern combination. The beams would also create a geometric visual interest. If a country home has a stone fireplace, you can simply add contemporary furnishings, and keep this original structure intact. The central rustic piece combined with non-traditional accessories complete the perfect look we are aiming for.

Even in your own simple home, you can add your own rustic modern feel. You can use a rustic work desk where you can place your laptop or computer and new lighting fixture. The contrast between new technology and old furnishing is a popular element in new designs these days. Combining an old wooden dining table and modern chair is another popular formula in achieving a holistic and valuable contrast.

Another reason why this particular design is popular is because it’s practical and cheap to achieve. You don’t have to replace all old furniture if you can leave some of the pieces in their ordinary state and add cheap fashionable pieces. In your own way, you can design your own rustic modern home interior or you may also refer architects.

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