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How to Prepare for GRE?

Posted by on Aug.27, 2016, under Abroad Education Comments Off on How to Prepare for GRE?

How to Prepare for GRE? Cool, one of the frequently asked Questions. Isn’t it? You can find various resources Online. But how many of them are really effective? GRE, being an Online test, it is important to understand How to Prepare for GRE in the meaningful way. That is where Our Complete GRE plus Course come as Portrayal.

 Advantages of Taking Complete GRE Plus:

You will be provided with Comprehensive Study Guide with Complete GRE Concepts.

You will have Personal Trainers who will take care of you throughout the Course

Reviewing your Performance throughout the Module, Our Student counselor will provide you Guidance and Feedback over your strong and weak points.

Based on your Performance, Your respective Counselors will provide you a Unique Study Plan.

We help you to face the Real-Test environment by providing practice tests and GRE Mock Test.

Through our GRE Online Preparation, you can Prepare for Anywhere and at anytime.

Find our Student’s GRE related FAQs..

GRE Online Prep

I have a good CGPA and I did my internship too…..but i have no any extracurricular activities nor published paper…..so what is the possibility that I got scholarship.

Usually, in most universities, your entire profile is evaluated and checked whether you are eligible to receive an RA or TA. They assume that applicants are looking for scholarships. So, an interview call for RA or TA will come along with your admission offer. An interview is conducted online and you will receive confirmation within a fortnight.

You can make yourself eligible for an RA if you have relevant research experience in any of the fields the university is currently undergoing research. It would help to look at what research is being conducted in your dream university and accumulate corresponding work/research experience. The chances of acceptance are also higher if you are also looking to pursue a PhD ahead. This adds value to the university as your research can become the subject of your doctoral thesis.

You can also schedule an appointment to discuss with a professor pursuing some research by emailing them so that you understand their current requirements and future plans. But ensure that you do this well in advance, because they may receive a lot of requests in the peak of the admission season.

How does the third year intern affect MS like ecompany intern or university intern

It is might or might not situation over here. To start with, suppose you are applying for the course which is in line with the internship you did, then it will surely affect your chances of getting admit. Otherwise, it’s other way round like you have done intern in one stream and applying for MS course in another stream then it might create trouble in getting you admit because there won’t be any kind of support from that internship.

So, if you are looking to use your internship as your main sword while applying for universities abroad then try to go for the course which falls in that category.

Should I begin my SOP with a catchy paragraph or should I keep it simple?

The way you begin your SOP decides a lot of things. Since the admission committee takes a look at multiple SOPs at the same time, the first few lines in your SOP can be crucial in establishing yourself as a valuable fit to the particular university. Do not get carried away and fake things in your SOP. Be as genuine as possible and at the same time differentiate yourself from the others.

Your SOP can help you stand out from the crowd with various educational qualifications. It gives you an opportunity to portray your intent and desire to learn, prove your worth, and convey why you are the perfect candidate for the respective course.

Internships, average 7.5 CGPA, decent LOR, awesome sop does it sound good?

Yes, definitely!

This is all you need to get a good admit. Lets discuss one by one upon profile you have. Starting with CGPA, its a decent one and can be overshadowed by the good GRE score. Decent LOR will do the needful and it depends upon which university you are applying and for which course you are applying. Having an awesome SOP creates a huge impact in getting a good admit as it is considered as a major part of the shortlisting process in some Universities abroad. With SOP only they get to actually know what course you are looking forward to pursue in that university and are you fitting for the same or not. Now above all this what you need is a good GRE Score which can help you in getting a good admit.

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